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GSEE: Global Solar Energy Estimator

GSEE is a solar energy simulation library designed for rapid calculations and ease of use. uses GSEE.

The development of GSEE predates the existence of pvlib-python but builds on its functionality as of v0.4.0. Use GSEE if you want fast simulations with sensible defaults and solar energy technologies other than PV, and pvlib-python if you need control over the nuts and bolts of simulating PV systems.


GSEE requires Python 3. The recommended way to install is through the Anaconda Python distribution and conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge gsee

You can also install with pip install gsee, but if you do so, and do not already have numpy installed, you will get a compiler error when pip tries to build to climatedata_interface Cython extension.


See the documentation for more information on GSEE's functionality and for examples.

Credits and contact

Contact Stefan Pfenninger for questions about GSEE. GSEE is also a component of the project, developed by Stefan Pfenninger and Iain Staffell. Use the contact page there if you want more information about


If you use GSEE or code derived from it in academic work, please cite:

Stefan Pfenninger and Iain Staffell (2016). Long-term patterns of European PV output using 30 years of validated hourly reanalysis and satellite data. Energy 114, pp. 1251-1265. doi: 10.1016/