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sjvdm commented Jan 21, 2021

Code Sample

import pandas as pd
#create a df and insert a series astype String
df = pd.DataFrame({1:[1,2,3]},index=[0,1,3])
#The values inserted normally evaluates correct though



Data science Python notebooks: Deep learning (TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Keras), scikit-learn, Kaggle, big data (Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS), matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Python essentials, AWS, and various command lines.

  • Updated Dec 21, 2020
  • Python
brandon-b-miller commented Jan 4, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
It might be useful to have a singular clean and performant way to check if all the columns of a dataframe are of the same dtype, such as a DataFrame property _is_homogeneous. This comes up in a lot of places, such as where we might want to dispatch to a cupy matrix implementation (Transpose, some row wise reductions I believe

人工智能学习路线图,整理近200个实战案例与项目,免费提供配套教材,零基础入门,就业实战!包括:Python,数学,机器学习,数据分析,深度学习,计算机视觉,自然语言处理,PyTorch tensorflow machine-learning,deep-learning data-analysis data-mining mathematics data-science artificial-intelligence python tensorflow tensorflow2 caffe keras pytorch algorithm numpy pandas matplotlib seaborn nlp cv等热门领域

  • Updated Feb 6, 2020

A comprehensive list of Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tutorials - rapidly expanding into areas of AI/Deep Learning / Machine Vision / NLP and industry specific areas such as Climate / Energy, Automotives, Retail, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcare, Policy, Ethics and more.

  • Updated Dec 26, 2020
  • Python
markotoplak commented Dec 15, 2020
  • What's wrong?

Rank widget does not show that Manual selection is active, if:

  1. Best ranked was active.
  2. I clicked into the white part of the table to deselect.

The "Select Attributes" radio button still has "Best ranked" active, but nothing is selected (and the status bar shows that nothing gets to the output). Instead, the "Select Attributes" radio button should switch to "

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