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RenPyWeb - Ren'Py in your HTML5 web browser

This is the build environment for RenPyWeb.

How to build

  • See - something like:

    git clone
    cd renpy-build/
    BASE=. bash ./nightly/
    # fix-up tasks ordering
    ./ --platform web
  • Emscripten: you need to recompile everything on upgrade:

    rm -rf build/ install/ python-emscripten/2.7.18/build/
    make cythonclean
    emcc --clear-ports
  • Recompile:

  • Package the game: from the Ren'Py interface, or using scripts/ (basic testing only)

How to run locally

  make testserver
  $BROWSER http://localhost:8000/

How to make small-scale tests

Check the pygame-example-* targets. Symlink pygame-example/ to the variant you wish to experiment with.

Also check the native target to try to run Ren'Py natively with some Emscripten behavior.