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Renuo Applications Setup Guide

This repo is the Renuo collection of best-practices to set-up apps. We are a Rails company, so the most value probably will be found in the parts concerning Rails. But anyways you'll also find a lot about the inner workings of Renuo.

Some Notes on the Side

If you are reading this document, it means that you have to setup a new application. A new project started and it's now time to set everything up so that everyone, in your team, can start working on it.

This document will try to be as minimalist as possible and provide you with all the steps to set up the application as fast as possible. There are things, in Renuo projects, which are mandatory, other that are suggested.

The basic things that need to be ready before the team can start working on a project are:

  • An existing git repository containing the project
  • Two branches: main and develop
  • A README with essential information about the application
  • Convenience-scripts: bin/setup, bin/check, bin/fastcheck, bin/run
  • One running, green test
  • Continuous integration (CI) ready, running and green for both branches
  • Continuous deployment (CD) ready and running for both branches
  • The application deployed for both branches

As an appendix, you'll find a checklist you can use to follow the guide.

❗ Do not blindly follow this guide, always think about what you are doing and why. If you think something is wrong or simply outdated, improve this guide with a Pull Request.

We want you to know exactly the reason behind each single step of this guide.

Thank you for your work and have fun! 🎉


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)