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Replete REPL iOS

ClojureScript REPL iOS app.

Interested in Android instead? See Replete for Android.

Available on the App Store.

Announcement post

Earlier post: Replete: A Standalone iOS CLJS REPL.

Build Curl for iOS

  1. Clone
  2. Go into that project and run ./
  3. Copy the resulting curl, openssl and nghttp2 directories into the Replete directory.
  4. The Xcode project is already set up to look in these directories for headers and static libs.


  1. Clone planck into a sibling directory and build it.
  2. In the ClojureScript/replete directory, do script/build
  3. Do a pod install in the top level.
  4. open Replete.xcworkspace with Xcode and run the app on a device or in the simulator.


Happy to take PRs!


Copyright © 2015–2020 Mike Fikes, Roman Liutikov, and Contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.