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Extend text.get to be able to receieve request headers #38

DimitarChristoff opened this Issue Feb 1, 2013 · 3 comments

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the text plugin is being used by the json plugin (correctly or not). unfortunately, some restful servers depend on the accept header to determine the content-type of the response and may default to say, XML.

The issue is that the text plugin exposes no way to set request headers at present.

I know you can hack via config: { text: { onXhr: function(xhr){ ... } } } but the json plugin has no direct access to that. It will be much more useful to change text.get to accept an optional 4th argument headers (obj) and set these on the xhr instance before the open.

A quick hack that worked:

        text.get = function (url, callback, errback, headers) {
            var xhr = text.createXhr(), header;
  'GET', url, true);

            if (headers && headers === Object(headers)) {
                for (header in headers) {
                    if (headers.hasOwnProperty(header)) {
                        xhr.setRequestHeader(header.toLowerCase(), headers[header]);

and in json.js just pass as 4th argument.

    Accept: 'application/json'

I'd do a pull request but I cannot figure if this is the best API to do it or how to mimic the same for rhino file stream.

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jrburke commented Feb 1, 2013

This seems fine. I am open to a pull request, however, I would just use if (headers) { and skip the Object check. For the non-xhr paths, it is fine to leave them as they are, since it does not make sense in those cases.

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jrburke commented Feb 2, 2013

I would not do anything by default, just do what it does today. CORS works "automatically" if the user tells the text plugin to use an xhr via useXhr.

@DimitarChristoff DimitarChristoff referenced this issue in millermedeiros/requirejs-plugins Feb 3, 2013

json plugin does not send the correct accepts content type #16

@jrburke jrburke closed this in 9c5d863 Feb 3, 2013
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