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A full proxy for composer repositories
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Note: this project is not actively maintained anymore. Since satis supports a similar functionality now, you should use satis instead.

broker is a full repository proxy for composer. It takes a composer file, downloads all requirements and all dependencies, and then publishes a new repository with all these packages. Instead of packagist or satis, all packages, including dist and source files will be served directly by broker.


Clone broker in a directory that is accessible by your webserver:

git clone git://

Download composer into broker's root directory:

cd broker

Install all dependencies of broker:

php composer.phar install


Currently broker has two cli commands available

  • broker:add

    With broker:add you can add a new repository based on a composer json file

      php broker.php broker:add repository_name path/to/composer.json
  • broker:remove

    With broker:remove you can remove an existing repository

      php broker.php broker:remove repository_name

Web Interface

Broker also comes with a small web interface, that shows you all existing repositories and detailed information about the packages in it.

Using a broker repository in your project

Just add the following repository reference to your project's composer.json file

        "packagist": false
        "type": "composer",
        "url": "http://url/to/broker/repositories/repository_name"
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