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Package Repository Website for Composer, see the about page on for more.


  • MySQL for the main data store
  • Redis for some functionality (favorites, download statistics)
  • Solr for search
  • git/svn/hg depending on which repositories you want to support


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Edit app/config/parameters.yml and change the relevant values for your setup.
  3. Install dependencies: php composer.phar install
  4. Run app/console doctrine:schema:create to setup the DB.
  5. Run app/console assets:install web to deploy the assets on the web dir.
  6. Make a VirtualHost with DocumentRoot pointing to web/

You should now be able to access the site, create a user, etc.

Setting up search

The search index uses Solr 3.6, so you will have to install that on your server. If you are running it on a non-standard host or port, you will have to adjust the configuration. See the NelmioSolariumBundle for more details.

You will also have to configure Solr. Use the schema.xml provided in the doc/ directory for that.

To index packages, just run app/console packagist:index. It is recommended to set up a cron job for this command, and have it run every few minutes.

Day-to-Day Operation

There are a few commands you should run periodically (ideally set up a cron job running every minute or so):

app/console packagist:update --no-debug --env=prod
app/console packagist:dump --no-debug --env=prod
app/console packagist:index --no-debug --env=prod

The latter is optional and only required if you are running a solr server.