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Rust-based high performance domain permutation generator.

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A rust-based version of the popular dnsgen python utility.

ripgen is split into two main parts:

  • ripgen: A CLI utility that calls into ripgen_lib and uses dnsgen's transforms.
  • ripgen_lib: A library that allows you to create high performance permutations of domain names.

How to Install!

Installation of ripgen is very simple - follow the steps below.

Step 1 -

Visit and follow the instructions to get started with rust and cargo.

Step 2 - cargo install

Run cargo install ripgen

How to Use - ripgen

ripgen optionally takes a domain file, a wordlist file, and a minimum word length argument.

If no domain file is listed, domains are expected through stdin making it easy to pipe into from other tools.


$ echo "" | ripgen

One deviation from dnsgen's behavior is that if no wordlist is specified then no wordlist items are included automatically. To compare ripgen and dnsgen appropriately you should make sure to specify a wordlist.

How to use - ripgen_lib

ripgen_lib exposes a RipGenManager struct that takes in three components:

  • an iterator for domain names
  • an iterator for wordlist entries
  • a function that converts &&str into bool for the purposes of filtering wordlist entries

After creating a RipGenManager, transforms can be added on with transform and chain_transform. These transforms require a function definition (closure or otherwise) be passed in that can take the &DomainComponent and WordListIterator types and return an Iterator<Item = String>.

Look at the non-default dnsgen transform implementations for examples on how these are implemented typically.


linker 'cc' not found

If this happens, it means that you need to install some dependencies on your system to build ripgen. Here's how to fix that:

Debian (Ubuntu, Kali, WSL (you probably used Ubuntu))

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install build-essential


sudo pacman -S base-devel


sudo yum install gcc


apk add build-base --no-cache