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Code Explorer

The VBE's Project Explorer was nice... in 1999. Get the same bird's eye view of your project and navigate anywhere, with the Code Explorer dockable toolwindow:

Code Explorer Window

This tree view drills down to member level, so not only you can see modules with their properties, functions and procedures, you also get to see a module's fields, constants, enums (and their members) and user-defined types (and their members) - without having to bring up the object browser.

To-do Items

Ever wish you had a task list built into the VBA IDE? You don't have to wish anymore: it's here! Rubberduck searches your code for TODO: comments (or whatever you configure as "todo" markers) and displays them all in a convenient dockable toolwindow. Double-click on an item in the list to navigate to that location in the code.

Todo Explorer dockable toolwindow

Rubberduck comes with default markers and priority levels, but that's 100% configurable.

Test Explorer

Fully integrated unit testing, with zero boiler plate code (a little comment doesn't really count, right?). Use late-binding to create a Rubberduk.AssertClass object, or let Rubberduck automatically add a reference to its type library, and start writing unit tests for your VBA code:

Private Assert As New Rubberduck.AssertClass

Public Sub MyMethodReturnsTrue()
    Assert.IsTrue MyMethod
End Sub

Public Sub TestReferenceEquals()
    Dim collection1 As New Collection
    Dim collection2 As Collection
    Set collection2 = collection1
    Assert.AreSame collection1, collection2
End Sub

The '@TestModule marker is merely a hint to tell Rubberduck to search that module for test methods; the '@TestMethod marker isn't needed if the method starts with the word Test. The Test Explorer dockable toolwindow lists all tests found in all opened VBProjects, and makes it easy to add new test modules and methods - and run them:

Test Explorer dockable toolwindow

Code Inspections

Find various code issues in your code - and fix them, with just a few clicks!

Code Inspections dockable toolwindow

In the event where you would have too many docked windows, Rubberduck offers you a toolbar to quickly navigate and fix code issues:

Code Inspections toolbar


Clean up VBA code by extracting methods, renaming identifiers, etc.

extract method

GitHub/Source Control Integration

Push VBA code to your favorite GitHub repository in separate code files, and pull commits into the IDE, straight from the IDE.

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