Installing ReText

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General instructions

Usually, all you have to do to install ReText, is:

  1. Install Python 3.

  2. Install pip for python3:

    $ sudo apt install python3-pip
  3. Run this command:

    $ python3 -m pip install ReText --user

(The --user argument is needed for local installations, drop it and run the command as a superuser if you want to install ReText system-wide).

For users of Linux distributions

If ReText is available in your system repository, install it from there.

For example, on Debian or Ubuntu, run:

# apt install retext

Note that the version provided by the distro isn't necessarily the latest version provided here.

For users of Windows and macOS

Note: these systems are in no way officially supported. Use ReText there at your own risk.

On Windows, you must install the 32 bit version of Python 3. Trying to install ReText for the 64 bit version will fail with the message, "ImportError: The 'enchant' C library was not found. Please install it via your OS package manager, or use a pre-built binary wheel from PyPI." This error occurs because no 64 bit version has yet been created for the 'enchant' library as of September 2016.

On Windows, that command will also install a retext.bat file to make it easier to run ReText.

There is also an unofficial portable app available for Windows.