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retext implementation of smartypants
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retext-smartypants Build Status Coverage Status

smartypants in retext.



npm install retext-smartypants


var retext = require('retext')
var smartypants = require('retext-smartypants')

var file = retext()
  .processSync('He said, "A \'simple\' english sentence. . ."')



He said, “A ‘simple’ english sentence…”


retext().use(smartypants[, options])

Replaces dumb/straight/typewriter punctuation marks with smart punctuation marks.


Create smart quotes (boolean, default: true).

Converts straight double and single quotes to smart double or single quotes.


Create smart ellipses (boolean, default: true).

Converts triple dot characters (with or without spaces between) into a single unicode ellipsis character


Create smart quotes from backticks (boolean or 'all', default: true).

When true, converts double back-ticks into an opening double quote, and double straight single quotes into a closing double quote.

When 'all': does the preceding and converts single back-ticks into an opening single quote, and a straight single quote into a closing single smart quote.

Note: Quotes can not be true when backticks is 'all';


Create smart dashes (boolean or 'oldschool', 'inverted', default: true).

When true, converts two dashes into an em-dash character.

When 'oldschool', converts two dashes into an en-dash, and three dashes into an em-dash.

When 'inverted', converts two dashes into an em-dash, and three dashes into an en-dash.


See in retextjs/retext for ways to get started.

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MIT © Titus Wormer

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