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@onpon4 onpon4 released this
· 3 commits to main since this release

Small release this time, with just these changes:

  • Fixed an issue controlling the menus with XInput controllers where their analog jitter would cause auto-selecting of menu items. This was caused by a combination of too much sensitivity by default and, more significantly, the ability to select entries by pushing left or right. As a solution, the default analog threshold was increased to 50% and the feature of selecting menu items with left and right has been disabled for all menus except the Options menu, where it is retained for its added functionality. Thanks to ReynLynxPSI for making us aware of this problem with their short stream of ReTux.
  • Updated Spanish and Esperanto translations by Jorge.
  • Added an indication of the current level's name to the HUD, displayed in the middle of the screen above the Tux Doll indicator.