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Deprecation Notice

This project is deprecated, however it still may receive maintenance updates.

PRs for small fixes are more than welcome.

Deploying a new release

Ensure .env.local points to

cd ~/deployments/revite
git pull
git submodule update

# check:
git status

export REVOLT_SAAS_BRANCH=revite/main
export REMOTE=root@production

# SSH in and restart revite:
tmux a -t 4



This is the web client for Revolt, which is also available live at

Pending Rewrite

The following code is pending a partial or full rewrite:


Submodule Hint

This project contains submodules. Run git submodule init after you clone this repository to initialize the submodules. It is also recommended to run git submodule update after you pull from upstream.




Quick Start

Get revite up and running locally.

git clone --recursive
cd revite
yarn build:deps
yarn dev

You can now access the client at

CLI Commands

Command Description
yarn pull Setup assets required for Revite.
yarn dev Start the Revolt client in development mode.
yarn build Build the Revolt client.
yarn build:deps Build external dependencies.
yarn preview Start a local server with the built client.
yarn lint Run ESLint on the client.
yarn fmt Run Prettier on the client.
yarn typecheck Run TypeScript type checking on the client.
yarn start Start a local sirv server with built client.
yarn start:inject Inject a given API URL and start server.
yarn lint | egrep "no-literals" -B 1 Scan for untranslated strings.


Revite is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.