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DEPRECATED, rewrite on new branch

Please do not use Vortex in any capacity until the rewrite is complete, you will not receive any support for the current version and the new version is heavy in development.

Revolt Vortex


The voice server for Revolt.





Quick Start

Get Vortex up and running locally for development.

git clone
cd vortex
cargo build
# Set the environment variables as described below
cargo run

Environment Variables

Variable Description Example
HTTP_HOST The hostname to bind to. (default)
WS_URL The websocket URL to advertise. wss://
MANAGE_TOKEN The token used for communication between Vortex and Delta. <token>
RTC_MIN_PORT The minimum port to use for WebRTC and RTP. 10000 (default)
RTC_MAX_PORT The maximum port to use for WebRTC and RTP. 11000 (default)
DISABLE_RTP Disable RTP. The value 1 disables RTP, all other values or not set will enable RTP. 0 (default)
RTC_IPS Semicolon separated list of IPs to use for WebRTC. Hostnames are not supported yet. Either combined or split listen and announce IPs. <combined>;<listen>,<announce>

CLI Commands

Command Description
cargo build Build/compile Vortex.
cargo run Run Vortex.


Vortex is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.