A tool to check if your Sitecore configuration files has been properly configured for a specific server role
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Sitecore Server Role Checker

How to install

Go to this page and download the ClickOnce installer to get the latest version.



This tool will check the configuration files on the Sitecore website folder and let's you know if you've missed any configuration files to be enabled/disabled based on your selected server configuration roles.

This tool currently support the following Sitecore version

  • 8.0 update 3
  • 8.1 update 3
  • 8.2 initial release
  • 8.2 update 1
  • 8.2 update 2

How it works

Sitecore has an excel spreadsheet for configuring a dedicated server role available in the documentation site https://doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_platform/setting_up__maintaining/xdb/configuring_servers/configure_a_content_delivery_server. This tool reads the csv version of that file and check your configuration files based on a specific role and reports back to you regarding the current configuration.

What it doesn't do

  1. It will not check the updates on the configuration files at this moment
  2. Check the WFFM and EXM configurations

How to use

  1. Choose your Sitecore version
  2. Choose your search provider (Lucene/Solr/Azure)
  3. Point to your website folder
  4. Check the result

Found an issue?

Create an issue ticket in Github or submit a PR that contains the issue fix