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Load environment variables from .dotenv files or straight from the OS to Caché
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Almost every language has dotenv. So why not Caché?

Add the capability of reading environment variables from a .dotenv file or straight from your running OS.


The easiest way is to simply import the dotenv.xml provided.


Quick and easy:

  • If you want to read from your OS use ##class(DotEnv.Parser).FromOS()
  • If you want to read from a file use ##class(DotEnv.Parser).FromPath()

Each method returns an %ArrayOfDataTypes instance populated with your env variables. When using FromPath, existing ones aren't overwritten.

.env files should be composed using the following format:

YOUR_VARIABLE="your value"
WHATEVER="you want, it\'s also \nescaped"


Got some idea? Follow this guide.

If you want to run those tests you must have Port installed since it uses a different mechanism for running them straight from your repository folder.



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