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Linear Response Variational Bayes NIPS 2015

This repo contains the code and text for our 2015 paper, "Linear Response Methods for Accurate Covariance Estimates from Mean Field Variational Bayes".

Change to your favorite directory for git repos, and check out this repo with

git clone

How to regenerate the paper data

The scripts require an environment variable to be set to the location of the repo. So if you cloned into the directory /home/user/git_repos, run the following command in your shell:

export GIT_REPO_LOC=/home/user/git_repos

The paper contained experiments from three models, each of which is in a different directory.

  • poisson_glmm: The poisson random effects model
  • linear_regression: The random effects linear model
  • variational_normal_mixture: The Gaussian mixture models, including the MNIST experiments.

The paper directory contains the knitr and LaTeX. Each directory has a number of scripts in Julia and R that produce various data files. These files must be copied to the folder paper/data to be used to generate the exact plots in the paper.

The scripts require numerous external libraries. The scripts install_julia_packages.jl and install_R_packages.R should check your system and install any that are missing.

Note that this paper was written using Julia v0.3. Julia has changed dramatically since then and the paper code has not been actively maintained, so an older install of Julia will certainly be required. If you have trouble and want help, please contact the authors.

Interested users may also want to look at two other stand-alone repos:

  • LinearResponseVariationalBayes.jl, a Julia package for facilitiating fitting LRVB models in Julia. (NB: I developed this package based on the work for this paper, and as of writing have not yet retrofitted the papers' models to use the new package.)
  • MVNMixtureLRVB, an R package (mostly in C++) for fitting LRVB (and, consequently, MFVB) models in R.
  • LinearResponseVariationalBayes.cpp, a C++ package reyling on Stan's autodifferentiation features that the authors are currently using instead of Julia's autodifferentiation package, JUMP.


Code and text for our NIPS 2015 paper on linear response variational Bayes







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