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Move emails to "Trash" when using --delete with a Gmail account. #29

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Gmail doesn't actually delete emails when deleting from IMAP. Gmail instead simply removes an email's labels on delete. To perform a delete, an email needs to be moved to Trash.

P.S. Thanks for this awesome utility!


Move deleted Gmail messages to the Trash. Closed by 2782b52


I get this on my gmail account:

Net::IMAP::NoResponseError: No folder [Gmail]/Trash (Failure) (will retry)

the problem is that the name of the folder is localised as [Gmail]/Koš .... I do not really know what to do with this, but please reopen this issue.


My "Trash" is labelled as "Deleted Messages" ... I'm patching locally. (which didn't work)

Might need to add this as a configurable to work for everyone. Not sure what's going on, because Google documents the Trash via IMAP as [Gmail]/Trash but I get folder not found. (same when I tried Deleted Messages or Bin.)

This issue was closed.
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