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Unifying all Doom engine games and adding countless possibilities.
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- fixed: NULLing the flash state in P_BringUpWeapon should be done be…

…fore setting the main weapon state so that it doesn't cancel any flash state effects that get initiated there.
latest commit 535102ae6e
Christoph Oelckers authored
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bzip2 - Simplify CMake GCC and Clang checking.
docs - fixed: The player setup menu used the main menu's line spacing which
dumb Move MULSC stuff into a separate include file
game-music-emu Change cpu_lag_max to a define, since it is used in an assert
gdtoa - Cleared developer warnings with modern (3.0+) versions of CMake.
jpeg-6b - Simplify CMake GCC and Clang checking.
launcher-templates - DYN_FLUIDSYNTH now defaults to ON.
lzma Remove warnings warned by Clang
output_sdl Merge remote-tracking branch 'zdoom/master' into openal
specs - added missing 'id' property to udmf_zdoom.txt.
src - fixed: NULLing the flash state in P_BringUpWeapon should be done be…
tools - Plug some lemon leaks during xlat generation.
wadsrc - Added TF_OVERRIDE to A_Teleport.
zlib - Use release compiler flags for debug builds of third party libraries.
.gitignore Add more stuff to .gitignore
CMakeLists.txt Merge branch 'master' into openal
CleanDirectoryList.cmake - DYN_FLUIDSYNTH now defaults to ON.
CreateLaunchers.cmake - Apparently cmake_policy doesn't ignore unknown policies (which seem…
FindFluidSynth.cmake - Added FluidSynth support as snd_mididevice -5. Only tested with Lin…
FindMPG123.cmake - some fixes to make OpenAL branch compile with VC++ 2013 and OpenAL …
FindSDL2.cmake - Ported SDL backend to SDL 2.0. Still needs a little bit of polish, …
FindSndFile.cmake Implement and use a libsndfile decoder
strifehelp.acs - Fix strife linetype 11 again, courtesy of Gez.
zdoom.sln Used debug GME for debug ZDoom build with VC2005 solution
zdoom.vcproj Blur de hur
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