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This is the central place to manage the Rhythms of Resistance tunesheets. The website and other places link to the generated files in this repository.

front.svg and back.svg contain the front and back cover. A [month] placeholder can be used to automatically fill in the current month+year.

network.odt is the description of the RoR network, principles, history and RoR Player.

tunes.ods contains the tune and dance sheets.


If you added new pages to the tunesheet or moved pages around, make sure to update the page numbers in the script.

PDF files are automatically generated and published to the generated branch when committing changes.

If you want to do a manual rebuild, follow one of the following instructions.

Manual update using docker

This is the most reliable way, as no dependencies/fonts (except docker) have to be installed.

docker run --rm -v "$PWD:/home/ror/sheetbook" rhythmsofresistance/sheetbook-build

Manual update using script

Make sure to have the BTNGrilledCheese font and LibreOffice, Inkscape, pdftk, pdfjam and pdfnup installed.

Then run ./

Styling guidelines

Tune name

18pt Arial bold, underlined by 2.5pt black double-line

Tune sign

Right of tune name. 12pt Arial.


  • Heading "Groove" 12pt Arial bold
  • Beat numbers underlined by 1.75pt bold. No lines in between beats
  • Instruments left-aligned, 9pt Arial
  • Strokes centered, 9pt Arial. In between strokes 0.05pt #969696 vertical lines. In between beats 0.75pt black vertical lines. In between bars 1.75pt black vertical lines. No horizontal lines.
  • One free line separating different instruments.


  • Break name: 10pt bold
  • Break sign underneath break name, 9pt Arial italic
  • Strokes same style as in Groove, but whole break surrounded by 0.75pt black vertical border.
  • Any explanation right of break or underneath (right-aligned), 9pt Arial
  • No free lines
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