All you would ever want to know about Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann
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Didi Hoffmann

If you’re looking for information about Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann, you have come to the right place, but because no one can pronounce my name everyone calls me Didi.

I am currently working on:

Before that I was invovled in various start-ups.

My background is in undertaking a PhD in Distributed Databases at the Technical University Berlin (DIMA) and am working on the MIA Project. My research mainly focused on “low level” distributed indexing of annotated information. Before that I completed my Bachelor at Bournemouth University and my Master at University College London both with a first class honors. If I am not hacking around in some program I like repairing cars (I have a beetle from 1970) and motor bikes, smoking cigars, reading news, real ale, snowboarding and of course traveling.

I am also involved in:

Enjoy my page and if you want just drop me an email under

Sorry for all the typos, but spelling has never been something I considered really worth my time. Some evil people say this also applies to remembering names.