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Golang license and dependency checker. Prints list of all dependencies, their URL, license and saves all the license files in /licenses.


glice analyzes the go.mod file of your project and prints it in a tabular format [csv and json available as well] - name, URL, and license short-name (MIT, GPL...).


Download and install glice by executing:

    go install

To update:

    go get -u


To run glice, navigate to a folder with go.mod and execute:


Alternatively, you can provide path which you want to be scanned with -p flag:

    glice -p ""

By default glice:

  • Prints to stdout

  • Gets dependencies from go.mod

  • Fetches licenses for dependencies hosted on GitHub

  • Is limited to 60 API calls on GitHub (up to 60 dependencies from API key can be provided by setting GITHUB_API_KEY environment variable.

All flags are optional. Glice supports the following flags:

- f [boolean, fileWrite] // Writes all licenses to /licenses dir
- i [boolean, indirect] // Parses indirect dependencies as well
- p [string - path] // Path to be scanned in form of
- t [boolean - thanks] // if GitHub API key is provided, setting this flag will star all GitHub repos from dependency. __In order to do this, API key must have access to public_repo__
- v (boolean - verbose) // If enabled, will log dependencies before fetching and printing them.
- fmt (string - format) // Format of the output. Defaults to table, other available options are `csv` and `json`.
- o (string - otuput) // Destination of the output, defaults to stdout. Other option is `file`.

Don't forget -help flag for detailed usage information.

Using glice inside as a library

As of v2.0.0 glice can be used as a library and provides few functions/methods that return list of dependencies in structured format and printing to io.Writer.

Sample output

Executing glice -c on prints (with additional colors for links and licenses):

|            DEPENDENCY             |                  REPOURL                  |   LICENSE    |
|            |            | MIT          |
|       |       | bsd-3-clause |
|      |      | Other        |
| | | MIT          |
|                  |           |              |
|               |        |              |


glice is licensed under the MIT license. Check the LICENSE file for details.


Emir Ribic