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UnitySteer 3.1

Build Status

General notes

UnitySteer is a toolkit to help build steering behaviors for autonomous agents in Unity. Initially based on OpenSteer, UnitySteer has been significantly reworked since it was first translated - the concepts and some of the code remain the same, but it follows a more Unity-like component-oriented philosophy.

Please read License.txt before using in your projects. It's short, sweet and to the point.

Main repository

If you have obtained this library from a third party, you can always find the latest version on Github.

Tutorials and examples

Looking for a UnitySteer tutorial? The UnitySteer Examples repository contains a series of examples and experimentation notes for you to teach yourself the library basics and how to compose your own agents.


UnitySteer uses TickedPriorityQueue. The latest library is now included on this repository.

UnitySteer 3.1 requires Unity 5.x for 2D support. The last version to support Unity 4.x was UnitySteer 3.0.

Stable and beta versions

The current stable release is UnitySteer 3.0 RC2. It contains a significant number of improvements and fixes over 2.7, but it also introduced several breaking changes, so make sure you catch up with the latest UnitySteer blogposts, as well as reading the changelog.

I develop UnitySteer following git-flow, so if you're looking for a specific version, you can look at the project tags:

UnitySteer and iOS

If you are using UnitySteer on iOS, bear in mind that you may need to search for and change any LINQ calls, since Unity has a penchant for not AOT'ing them properly.


Steering, obstacle avoidance and path following behaviors for the Unity Game Engine



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