Website to track people, organizations, and products (tools, websites, etc.) in AI safety
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AI Watch and Org Watch

This is the repository for two related websites:

  • AI Watch is a website designed to track people and organizations working in AI safety.
  • Org Watch is a generalization of AI Watch that covers positions outside of AI safety.

Both sites use the same code and database, stored in this repository.

Project layout

  • access-portal/ contains the PHP code for the website.
  • sql/ contains the data stored in MySQL format.

Setting up

This section is only relevant to people who want to run a local instance of AI Watch (e.g. for development purposes).

First, clone the repo and set up the database:

git clone
cd aiwatch
mysql -e "create database aiwatch"
make read  # read in data from sql/

Now set up the password file to allow PHP to log in to the database:

cp access-portal/backend/globalVariables/{,}
vi access-portal/backend/globalVariables/  # change to add database login info

If you're hosting this on a server, make sure to disable public access to the password file.

Finally start the service:

cd access-portal
php -S localhost:8000

To get AnchorJS and tablesorter, run:

make fetch_anchorjs
make fetch_tablesorter

You can now visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.


All contributions are welcome. Contributions might take the form of:

  • Data collection
  • Code contributions to the website
  • Feature requests/finding bugs
  • Feedback


All code and data released to the public domain according to CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.

Notes to self

To export some organization data from the donations database:

mysql donations -e "select donee,former_name,website,contact_email,country, \
    key_people,launch_date,launch_date_precision,launch_date_url, \
    facebook_username,instagram_username,medium_username,pinterest_username, \
    timelines_wiki_page,tumblr_subdomain,twitter_username,wikipedia_page, \
    youtube_username from donees where cause_area REGEXP 'ai risk';" \
    > temp.tsv

Find uncategorized interns:

select person,title,employment_type from positions
where title regexp 'intern' and (employment_type != 'intern' or employment_type is null);