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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

This is for Vipul Naik's Donations List Website.

See for the issue on DLW repo.

See for data source.


  • scrapes the website and stores data in a CSV.
  • takes the CSV file and transforms it into a SQL file to be used for DLW.

Instructions for doing a run

# If you need to scrape data, run Make sure you change the date
# and set the correct max_page. Run the script without arguments to see an
# explanation.
./  # Print instructions
./ 657 data-2019-01-13.csv  # get pages [1, 657] and store in the CSV

# Once you have the CSV, run
./ data-2019-01-13.csv > data-2019-01-13.sql


CC0 for scripts, not sure about the data.