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Boenken is a 20-player game that is a mix between soccer and billiards, programmed in C++ using Qt (see 'About the program' for more details).


About the program

Boenken is programmed in C++14 using the STL, Boost, Qt (for the desktop version) and Wt (for the website version) libraries.

Boenken is cross-compiled using MXE in the bash shell scripts.

I want to contribute!


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Boenken version 5.0

Boenken menu version 4.1 Boenken version 4.1

Boenken menu version 3.1 Boenken version 3.1

Boenken version 3.0

Boenken menu version 2.0 Boenken version 2.0

Boenken menu version 1.0 Boenken version 1.0

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