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Tutorial how to use Travis CI with C++.

C++ libraries and tools explored

In alphabetical order

  • Bio++: C++ biology libraries
  • Boost: Boost is a collection of C++ libraries (homepage)
  • Boost.Test: Boost.Test is a C++ testing framework within the Boost libraries
  • ChaiScript: embedded scripting language (ChaiScript GitHub)
  • clang: C++ compiler
  • CMake: makefile generator
  • Codecov: Codecov is a webservice to display a gcov code coverage result, that plays well with GitHub. It can be actived from a Travis script
  • Coverity: a static code analysis tool [FAILS]
  • cppcheck: static code analysis
  • fparser: Warp's function parser
  • GCC: GNU Compiler Collection, a collection of compilers, in this case, the C++ compiler called g++
  • gcov: gcov is a GNU tool to measur the code coverage of (among others) C++ code. It can be actived from a Travis script
  • git: git is a version control system. It tracks the changes made in the project and allows for viewing the project its history
  • GitHub: GitHub is a site where git repositories are hosted. It gives a git project a website where the files can be viewed. Next to this, there is a project page for issues like bug reports and feature requests
  • gprof: gprof is a GNU tool to profile (among others) C++ code. It can be actived from a Travis script
  • GSL: Microsoft implementation of the Guidelines Support Library
  • helgrind: a thread error detector
  • libnds: Nintendo DS library
  • memcheck: detect memory leaks
  • OCLint: static code analyis (homepage) (GitHub)
  • qmake: makefile generator for Qt projects
  • Qt: a C++ GUI library
  • QTest: the Qt testing framework
  • Qwt: a Qt charts/graphs library
  • Rcpp: Rcpp is an R package that allows mixing R and C++ code
  • Rcpp11: Rcpp is an R package that allows mixing R and C++11 code
  • SFML: a C++ multimedia library
  • SLOCcount: estimate the value of your code
  • Travis CI: Travis CI is a continuous integration (hence the 'CI' in its name) tool that plays well with GitHub. It is activated when someone uploads his/her code to the GitHub
  • Unreal Engine 4: a proprietary C++ game engine
  • Urho3D: a free and open-source C++ game engine
  • Wt: a C++ web application library

Non-C++ tools explored

In alphabetical order. Go to statuses to find these.

  • C: some C code examples
  • convert: convert images using ImageMagick
  • cowsay: an ASCII art cow displaying a message
  • lyx: convert LyX to PDF
  • proselint: check your prose for style
  • R: some R code examples
  • spell: check your prose for spelling
  • shunit2: bash script testing framework


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