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Blade Reminder app on the Play store


Use gradle from Android Studio e.g. android-studio/gradle/gradle-2.10/bin/gradle, then run:

gradle assembleDebug

CSV file format

The app can export or import the data it stores in a plain text file with each entry consisting of up to 4 comma separated fields.

Date, Count, Comment, Razor
  • Date - the date of the entry in yyyy-MM-dd format, e.g. 2016-05-29
  • Count - an integer representing the number of uses to date, e.g. 3
  • Comment - free-form text field, write what you like here
  • Razor [optional] - the name of the razor used, e.g. Ikon 102

The razor field does not have to be present, so if you just have one razor you use daily you can ignore it. If you have a couple of razors that you alternate between then this makes it easier to keep track of those.

Updating translations

Translations use android2po.

First pull in the new strings from the default XML to the po files:

a2po export --android bladeReminder/src/main/res/ --gettext locale

Then modify the po files with the translations. Afterwards, push the changes into the XML files:

a2po import --android bladeReminder/src/main/res/ --gettext locale

This will update res/values-es/strings.xml etc with the translated strings.

Build failure in packageRelease

If you see this:

Some problems were found with the configuration of task ':bladeReminder:packageRelease'.
> No value has been specified for property 'signingConfig.storePassword'.
> No value has been specified for property 'signingConfig.keyPassword'.
> No value has been specified for property 'signingConfig.keyAlias'.

Then add a file to declare the signing key - you can use the debug key in ~/.android as a temporary workaround, but really you should create a proper key. An example for the debug key would be this:

RELEASE_STORE_FILE = /home/username/.android/debug.keystore
RELEASE_KEY_ALIAS = androiddebugkey

Place this in the root of the project source code (i.e. same level as settings.gradle)


Android App to remind yourself when you last changed your razor blade.




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