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A set of tools to help with astrophotography.
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A set of tools to help with astrophotography.


autosolver is a python script that will watch a folder for new .jpg files. It will attempt to use solve-field from to determine the center coordinates of the image, save the output files in the folder specified on the command line, and then update Stellarium with the current location of your telescope. It listens for connections from Stellarium's telescope-control plugin on port 10001. You can then configure your camera to output to the output folder and see where you are pointing in Stellarium.

autosolver requires a working install of the software. Please see their docs for info on how to install it.


python --watch-folder ./watch/ --output-folder ./output/

Thanks to JuanRa for the functions to transform D:M:S and H:M:S to a format Stellarium will accept.

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