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Power Savings tool for Linux
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Laptop Mode Tools README

Author: Bart Samwel (,
Maintainer: Ritesh Raj Sarraf (,


All upstream development is done in the lmt-upstream branch.
Please base your changes against the lmt-upstream branch


To install, run ./ That's all there's to it.
This will install laptop mode, which will be enabled automatically when your laptop works on batteries.

Debian users, please install the Debian package that can be found in the Debian Package repository at


  • To configure the laptop mode scripts, edit /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf.

  • The laptop mode FAQ can be found at

  • The revision history is included in the Documentation directory.

  • The original laptop mode documentation that was distributed with the Linux kernel is included in this package as Documentation/laptop-mode.txt. It contains some documentation on the internals of laptop mode, and some tips and tricks. Note that some of the tips are outdated and superseded by FAQ questions.

GUI Configuration Tool



The laptop mode tools website:

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