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Releases: ricofehr/nextdeploy


21 Jul 20:51
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A major release

  • Add a continuous integration part: some vms are dedicated to build, tests, and scans
  • Better ssl support for vms
  • Add an offline feature for vms
  • Improve api performance
  • Global review of the api ror code
  • Global review of the ember js code


20 Jul 16:42
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  • Fix issue about Thumbs generation
  • Fix Duplicate keys in vms authorized files
  • Decrease locks use for vms actions
  • Fix issue about vms list refresh


20 Apr 13:44
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Release with some improvements

  • Add php7 support for xenial images
  • Add BaseNurun (@romuleald) framework
  • Add thumbnails for vms
  • ProjectLead can login with ssh onto all vms of his projects
  • ProjectLead can receive all "new vm" alert for his projects
  • Improve status field for vms
  • Gitlab button for “project manager” users
  • Update some puppet modules
  • Fixes about hover in FF, local setup scripts, docroot symlink


29 Jan 11:57
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Release with lots of improvements

  • Changes on webui about menu-bar, items list, pages list
  • Rework of vms page and project details popup
  • Great rework of mobile version
  • Add readonly flag for vms in webui
  • Add an import flag for endpoints
  • Add a redirect (to absolute uri) flag for vm aliases
  • Add a "items number" field on profile (permit to choose array size on lists)
  • Can override htlogin/htpasswd on vm form
  • On the CLI, improve supervise command
  • Fixes on iptables rules, docker (cli) command, and some webui issues


17 Jan 22:13
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Hotfixes release

  • Some Fixes about symfony3 framework setup
  • Improve vpn settings: duplicate-cn and logfile enabled
  • Improve vms security with iptables rules
  • Update osx specific setup steps
  • Docroot can be a symlink
  • Fix issues about CLI cmd: vm launch and docker
  • Ensure datas are loaded sequentially during session login
  • Fix issue about 'toggle' fields on webui


08 Jan 22:01
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  • Add a new field for vms: "topic". With this field, users can add a custom title on their vms.
  • Improve Drupal support: manage install profile, "site-install" tool into webui
  • New techno available: Imagick
  • UX improvements: changes on menu bar and vms list


17 Nov 14:06
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Hotfixes about this 2 issues

  • Paging broken when search engine was used
  • Supervise didnt work well


11 Nov 15:52
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This is Birthday release

  • Supervise of vm thanks to ansible
  • Test process for the puppet part: can be worked alone !
  • Reboot feature for vms: webui button and cli cmd
  • CORS (cross-scripting) flag for vms: enable some http headers if checked
  • Possibility to have custom Varnish setting by project (if it's really needed)
  • UX improvements on webui: improve paging, add date field for wall posts, ...
  • Work on local installation process: Improve and fix issues
  • Bugfixes: trailing spaces into ip filters, fix default ip-range for vms, issue on default hosts file for vms, ...


08 Oct 10:05
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  • Ember upgrade v2.8.1
  • Complete Mocks on webui
  • Ubuntu 16.04 image
  • ndeploy docker fixes and improvements


14 Aug 19:04
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  • A new cli command who integrates docker for launching containers on user workstation
  • Some new technos available for vms: kibana, wkhtmltopdf
  • UX Improvements (Thanks @romuleald for the rollover fix !)
  • Lot of bugfixes on webui, puppet patterns and api side