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Ricoh Camera Control Sample for JavaScript

Send a shoot message from a remote machine (sender) to the host machine (listener) which is connected with a THETA S.


You need

  • Ricoh API Client Credentials (client_id & client_secret)
  • Ricoh ID (user_id & password)

If you don't have them, please register yourself and your client from THETA Developers Website.


$ git clone
$ npm install


$ cp samples/config_template.js samples/config.js

and put your credentials into config.js.

Listener Side

Connect the host and THETA S via Wi-Fi. Connect the host to the Internet, too.

Execute the listener.js

$ node samples/listener.js

Sender Side

Connect the host to the Internet.

Execute the sender.js, then the remote THETA S will take a shot.

$ node samples/sender.js

Sample code

Receive a camera control message

const CameraCtl = require('ricohapi-cameractl').CameraCtl;
const AuthClient = require('ricohapi-cameractl').AuthClient;
const aclient = new AuthClient('<your_client_id>', '<your_client_secret>');
const aclient.setUserOwnerCreds('<your_user_id>', '<your_password>');

const ctl = new CameraCtl(aclient);
ctl.connect('<your_user_id>', '<your_password>', '<your_device_id>')
  .then(() => {
    // shoot message handler
    ctl.on('shoot', (devid, params) => {
        console.log('do shoot here');
    return ctl.listen();
  .then(() => ctl.disconnect())
  .catch(e => console.log(e))

Send a camera control message

ctl.connect('<your_user_id>', '<your_password>', 'dev01')
  .then(() => ctl.shoot('dev02'))
  .then(() => ctl.disconnect())
  .catch(e => console.log(e));

Using MQTT over TLS

The default communication protocol is MQTT over WSS. To use MQTT over TLS, set the root certificate below, via ca option.

Root Certificate

const fs = require('fs');

const ctl = new CameraCtl(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, {
  ca: fs.readFileSync('ca-crt.pem')});

CameraCtl class


const ctl = new CameraCtl(authClient);

Connect to the server

Device ID must be in a format /[A-Za-z0-9_]{1,32}/.

ctl.connect('<your_user_id>', '<your_password>', '<your_device_id>')

A Promise is returned.

Disconnect from the server


A Promise is returned.

Start listening to the message

Start listening to the messages to the device. A Promise is returned.


Terminate listening to the message


Available control message types

Currently, only shoot message is available. The receiver can get the device ID and parameters via the on() handler arguments.

Shoot message

Send a shoot message to the device specified the device ID. You can specify params which will be packed by msgpack-lite in the SDK. User parameters need to start with an underscore (_) to avoid future name conflicts.

// send side
ctl.shoot('devid', {_test: 'test'});

// receive side
ctl.on('shoot', (devid, params) => {