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Riemann Tools

Tiny programs to submit events to Riemann.

Riemann-health, for example, submits events about the current CPU, load, memory, and disk use. Also available is riemann-bench, which submits randomly distributed metrics for load testing.

Gem Version CI

Get started

gem install riemann-tools
riemann-health --host my.riemann.server

Riemann-tools programs

This repository contains a number of different programs. Some of them ship with the riemann-tools gem, including:

  • riemann-apache-status - Apache monitoring.
  • riemann-dir-files-count - File counts.
  • riemann-freeswitch - FreeSwitch monitoring.
  • riemann-memcached - Monitor Memcache.
  • riemann-proc - Linux process monitoring.
  • riemann-bench - Load testing for Riemann.
  • riemann-dir-space - Directory space monitoring.
  • riemann-haproxy - Monitor HAProxy.
  • riemann-net - Network interface monitoring.
  • riemann-varnish - Monitor Varnish.
  • riemann-cloudant - Cloudant monitoring.
  • riemann-diskstats - Disk statistics.
  • riemann-health - General CPU, memory, disk and load monitoring.
  • riemann-nginx-status - Monitor Nginx.
  • riemann-zookeeper - Monitor Zookeeper.
  • riemann-consul - Monitor Consul.
  • riemann-fd - Linux file descriptor use.
  • riemann-kvminstance - Monitor KVM instances.
  • riemann-ntp - Monitor NTP.
  • riemann-portcheck - Monitor open TCP ports.
  • riemann-http-check - Monitor reachability of HTTP(S) resources.

Also contained in the repository are a number of stand-alone monitoring tools, which are shipped as separate gems.

Riemann stand-alone tools

Use these tools by installing their individual gems, usually named for the specific tool, for example, to install the AWS tools:

gem install riemann-aws
  • riemann-aws - Monitor various AWS services.
  • riemann-elasticsearch - Monitor Elasticsearch.
  • riemann-mesos - Monitor Mesos.
  • riemann-rabbitmq - Monitor RabbitMQ.
  • riemann-docker - Monitor Docker.
  • riemann-marathon - Monitor Marathon.
  • riemann-munin - Monitor Munin.
  • riemann-riak - Monitor Riak.
  • riemann-chronos - Monitor Chronos.

There are also a number of additional, stand-alone tools, contained in the Riemann GitHub account.

Docker Images

You can find Docker images for the tools here.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2011-2022 Kyle Kingsbury