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@rinigus rinigus released this Feb 20, 2021 · 6 commits to master since this release

  • Route manipulation through selection of point of interest on map

    It is possible to enter route destinations, waypoints and origin by
    choosing a point of interest on a map. That way the route can be constructed
    interactively through the map.

  • Use scrollable panel when showing data regarding points of interest

    On smaller phones, panel showing point of interest information could
    be larger than can be fit on the screen. Changes were done to drop
    non-essential information if it does not fit and, if still needed,
    allow to scroll the remaining options.

  • Show remaining distance and time to the upcoming waypoint on the main screen

    While navigating, show remaining distance, time, and estimated time
    of arrival to the upcoming waypoint or destination. To see overall
    remaining time, distance, ETA, see navigation page. That page also
    includes the same data for all remaining destinations and waypoints.

  • Keep track on arrivals to intermediate waypoints

    When passing through intermediate destinations and waypoints, record
    arrival times and keep them. The record is cleared on restart of
    application or when user edits or clears the route. The information
    on passed destinations and waypoints is kept while rerouting. The
    arrival information is shown together with the upcoming locations
    and maneuvers in navigation overview page.

  • Bugfixes

  • Update translations

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@rinigus rinigus released this Feb 3, 2021 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • Quick route calculation through selection of point of interest

    When choosing a point of interest on a map, Pure Maps will request
    new route as soon as routing button is pressed on the overlay.

  • Allow to edit route

    With the calculated route, you can now adjust options, waypoints
    later. With the route shown on the map, triggering routing icon will
    open a routing page with the parameters used to calculate the route
    earlier. To start afresh, remove the route first on the map. Changes
    in routing page include removal of automatic triggering of routing
    calculations as soon as destination is filled. For automatic route
    calculations, use point of interest selection on map.

  • Better handling of some corner cases in routing

  • Refactor page stack implementation

  • Add support to Sailfish Harbour MyBackup [atlochowski]

  • Show waypoints and destinations using dedicated icons

  • Explicitly invoke python3 in check-json [Newbyte]

  • Bugfixes

  • Update translations

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@rinigus rinigus released this Jan 8, 2021 · 75 commits to master since this release

  • Fix GPX routers
  • Update translations
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@rinigus rinigus released this Jan 5, 2021 · 78 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for routing waypoints order optimization
    All routers now can optimize the order of waypoints. This option is available as there are at least two waypoints or intermediate
    destinations between origin and the target of the route. The origin and the target are excluded from the optimization. For example,
    you could set the origin and the target to the same location and put all destinations that you wish to visit in arbitrary order as
    intermediate destination. The router will calculate the optimal path and will be also able to update the order as needed in the
    case of rerouting.

  • Navigation overview page adjustments

  • Allow to see more routes from history
    It is possible now to access more routes from the history on request.

  • Adjust basemap selector
    Basemap type selector has been rewritten for to support small and large screens better as well landscape/portrait orientations.

  • Handle type and name separately in nearby search
    In nearby search, or places search, POI type and name are now handled separately. Not all providers distinguish them properly,
    but it is at least possible to specify intention in the application.

  • Improve MapQuest nearby search support
    MapQuest support has been improved by adding autocomplete for POI type selection.

  • Switch default online geocoder to Photon

  • Update translations

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@rinigus rinigus released this Dec 31, 2020 · 98 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for intermediate destinations and waypoints

    You can now add multiple locations between origin and target for
    routing. The locations are considered either as intermediate
    destinations (the ones you want surely to reach) or waypoints (used
    to shape the route according to your preference but not important as
    such). All supported routers have been updated to support
    intermediate destinations and waypoints.

  • Adjust naming of Ubuntu Touch platform [jonnius]

  • Adjust desktop and appdata to support PureOS Store [dos1]

  • Drop support for Digitransit router

    This router has been broken for some time and it seems like it is
    not in use. Code has been moved into a separate section and would
    require fixing if needed.

  • Use text color to indicate interactive elements

  • Update translations

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@rinigus rinigus released this Dec 16, 2020 · 148 commits to master since this release

  • Show close consecutive maneuvers

    When two maneuvers are close to each other, the second maneuver will be indicated under the first one while approaching the first one. This allows you to prepare for the second maneuver in time.

  • Show roundabout exit number for supported routers

    Roundabout exit number is indicated on the roundabout maneuver icon for the routers that provide this information. Currently, it is for Valhalla-based services (OSM Scout Server and Stadia Maps) and OSRM.

  • Fix maneuver icons for OSRM

  • Autohide buttons by default for new users

    To reduce number of controls shown by the application, automatically hide the buttons after some period of inactivity. This change is applied for the new users to avoid changing preferences of the existing users. As before, the behavior can be adjusted in Preferences.

  • Reduce vertical requirements of navigation overview bar

    The height of the bottom bar shown during navigation has been reduced. This is expected to be of importance in landscape and especially for devices with relatively small vertical space in landscape. Examples include devices running Phosh with the interface imposing system bars on the top and bottom of the screen as well as smaller screen devices, such as Sony XZ2 compact. In landscape, the current street is shown as a part of the bottom bar (when using OSM Scout Server map matching).

  • Handle arrival to destination by switching to dedicated mode

    On arrival to the destination, the application is switched into the mode that is similar to the "follow me" mode. The difference is that it is using top projection of the map to simplify orientation around destination. When compared to the previous release, navigation mode is kept leaving device screen on by default as well as the zoom level is the same as for navigation.

  • Change DBus registration order

    DBus registration and publishing on DBus has been adjusted to avoid unexpected issues in the clients. Earlier implementation caused issues with Amazfish, as debugged with @piggz.

  • Rewrite imlpementation determining mode of the application

  • Update translations

  • Bugfixes, optimizations, and visual adjustments

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@rinigus rinigus released this Nov 30, 2020 · 188 commits to master since this release

  • Update translations
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@rinigus rinigus released this Nov 26, 2020 · 192 commits to master since this release

  • Rewrite navigation guidance

    Module responsible for navigation guidance has been rewritten. This
    includes matching current location and direction of movement to the
    route, generation of maneuver instructions, and tracking of the
    progress. As user-visible changes, Pure Maps now shows distance to
    route when away from it, keeps track on whether movement is along
    the route or in opposite direction and requests rerouting in the
    latter case.

  • Navigation direction is preferred for orienting the map if moving
    along the route.

  • Switch off navigation mode on reaching destination

    This is made to simplify orientation on reaching destination,
    avoiding rerouting while searching for parking places.

  • [kirigami,qtcontrols] Support inhibition of screensaver on
    Freedesktop compliant environments

    Pure Maps can now inhibit screensaver during navigation in such
    Linux environments as Plasma Mobile and Phosh. Users of these
    environments can now also setup their preferences under Device
    section in Preferences.

  • Support for external control by DBus

    With an eye on connection to smart watches and voice commands, Pure
    Maps allows now to start and stop navigation using DBus. Current
    state of navigation is available as properties on DBus. API is
    documented in README to simplify the development of such extensions.

  • Update translations

  • Updated packaging for UBPorts [jonnius]

  • Matrix channel added at

    Use this channel to discuss issues with Pure Maps and its
    development. It is targeting users preferring that type of
    communication instead of the official forum thread at TMO.

  • Placeholder homepage has been setup

    To simplify writing the content for Pure Maps homepage, the
    placeholder has been setup using Github pages and serving content
    from docs.

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@rinigus rinigus released this Oct 31, 2020 · 268 commits to master since this release

  • Switch to C++ main

    Starting from this version, Pure Maps is hybrid C++/QML/PyOtherSide application. This will allow to use the strengths of each of the frameworks and combine them. There have been significant changes in the code to make it possible and in the build system. Note that Pure Maps is distributed now as an executable which will depend on the host architecture and does not rely on external programs for execution (qmlrunner, sailfish-qml).

  • Prevent voice navigation stopping other audio [research by Karry]

    @Karry has found a way to prevent navigation instructions stopping the other audio streams (music, radio) for his OSM Scout. The same approach has been used for Pure Maps.

  • Allow to reverse GPX track

    Routing along GPX (providers GPX and GPX Smart) allow to reverse direction of loaded track.

  • Refactor command line and DBus handling

    Command line and DBus support have been moved to C++. Using command line, it is possible now to start Pure Maps with geo: URI or with a search string. The latter will initiate the search for POIs using the geocoder. DBus supports showing POI and search handling as well. Pure Maps is running as a single-instance. This allows you to start it and when you call pure-maps (or harbour-pure-maps on SFOS) with the arguments, the request will be forwarded to the running instance.

  • Allow to specify default service providers

    As requested by packagers, Pure Maps allows to specify the default providers during a build. This allows to package Pure Maps by setting the default providers for maps, search, and routing to the ones that do not require API keys. Current limitation is that there is no online map provider which would provide fonts for display on a map that does not require API keys.

  • Update packaging scripts for new build system [ubports by jonnius]

    Packaging scripts for Ubuntu Touch [@jonnius], Sailfish, Fedora, and Flatpak had to be adjusted for a new build system.

  • [kirigami,qtcontrols] Add build-in clipboard support

    To reduce external dependencies, clipboard support has been integrated for Kirigami and QtControls platforms. SFOS and Ubuntu Touch have it provided by the system.

  • Update translations

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@rinigus rinigus released this Oct 24, 2020 · 292 commits to master since this release

  • Update translations
  • Update Photon URL
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