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This compiler will not work with older Riot.js versions. It's designed to work with Riot.js > 4.0.0. For Riot.js < 4.0.0 please check the v3 branch


npm i @riotjs/compiler -D


The riot compiler can compile only strings:

import { compile } from '@riotjs/compiler'

const { code, map } = compile('<p>{hello}</p>')

You can compile your tags also using the new registerPreprocessor and registerPostprocessor APIs for example:

import {
} from '@riotjs/compiler'
import pug from 'pug'
import * as babel from '@babel/core'

// process your tag template before it will be compiled
registerPreprocessor('template', 'pug', function (code, { options }) {
  const { file } = options
  console.log('your file path is:', file)

  return {
    code: pug.render(code),
    // no sourcemap here
    map: null,

// your compiler output will pass from here
registerPostprocessor(function (code, { options }) {
  const { file } = options
  console.log('your file path is:', file)

  // notice that babel.transformSync returns {code, map}
  return babel.transformSync(code)

const { code, map } = compile('<p>{hello}</p>', {
  // specify the template preprocessor
  template: 'pug',


compile(string, options)

@returns { code, map } output that can be used by Riot.js

  • string: is your tag source code
  • options: the options should contain the file key identifying the source of the string to compile and the template preprocessor to use as string

Note: specific preprocessors like the css or the javascript ones can be enabled simply specifying the type attribute in the tag source code for example

  <style type="scss">
    // ...

registerPreprocessor(type, id, preprocessorFn)

@returns Object containing all the preprocessors registered

  • type: either one of template css or javascript
  • id: unique preprocessor identifier
  • preprocessorFn: function receiving the code as first argument and the current options as second


@returns Set containing all the postprocessors registered

  • postprocessorFn: function receiving the compiler output as first argument and the current options as second

generateTemplateFunctionFromString(string, parserOptions)

@returns string with the code to execute the @riotjs/bindings template function

generateSlotsFromString(string, parserOptions)

@returns string with the code to generate components slots in runtime