Support for "import" inside of tag #69

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kuashe commented May 30, 2016 edited

ES 2015 "import" is not usable at the moment with riot .

Taken from this issue

     import baz from './baz' = 'bar'
riot.tag2('tag','', function(opts) {
   import baz from './baz' // import here is not allowed = 'bar'

I think the compiler needs to translate the import statement into a regular "import" .

import baz from './baz' // Will work this way
riot.tag2('tag','', function(opts) { = 'bar'

I will try to make thoses changes to the compiler .

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini referenced this issue in riot/riot Jun 4, 2016

Riot 3.0.0 roadmap #1694

14 of 16 tasks complete

fixed in riot-compiler@2.5.0

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