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Made With Riot

Responsive Made With Riot

Made With Riot is a public showcase for websites, webapps and components made using Riot.js library.

Adding a project to Made With Riot

  1. Fork this repository;
  2. Add your image (748x600) on /resources. E.g. project-nike-store.jpg;
  3. Add your project info on /src/data/project.json;
  4. Submit a pull-request.

If you have any trouble doing it, check pull requests to see others' submits.

Working locally

To run the project, follow the steps bellow after cloning the repository:

npm install
gulp compile:all
gulp lift

Then access the application on http://localhost:8000/


For developing, simply run the command gulp watch:all for automatic re-compiling on file changes.

For anyone interested, these are the technologies used for this project:

JavaScript Libraries used:

  • Riot;
  • Good ol' Vanilla JavaScript.

CSS Tools used:

  • Sass

Task Runner:

  • Gulp

Deploying on gh-pages

To deploy on production simply run the following tasks on your local environment

gulp compile:all
gulp deploy

Then follow the instructions on your terminal.