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Riptide project itself exist in the alpha phase and the RiptideCoin is proof of concept for a community currency token designed for use around the Medical Marijuana industry. Thus solving the financial problem that all legal state registered MMJ business have with the traditional banking system. No other industry worth billions per year is without safe access to FDIC banking. This causes a major problem. With no credit cards or banks the registered state medical Patients and store owners are standing in line at ATM machines with piles of cash each day. This token project is backed directly by the largest Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Northern California. Buy and collect Riptide (RIPT) you can help provide more safe access to alternative medicine just by holding on to your shares of RIPT, or exchange them to anyone anytime with no banks needed. Giving or receiving of funds can take place anyplace in the world in 3 seconds. With a total coincap of 95,000,000 total RiptideCoin (RIPT) it was originally designed on top of ETH to mirror the groundbreaking Ethereum BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM for its safety and speed. This ico is the first of its kind to offer such a solution. Our research in the MMj industry shows over 1 billion dollars in cash is exchanged by hand each year with the current average of the Legal Medical and recreational Marijuana (MMJ) industry. This figure is expected to double by 2020. We believe that buying a share of the Riptide now is actually investing in the growth of the LEGAL marijuana infrastructure. This solution will bring change and safety to the current problems associated with massive volume cash transactions. With the Riptide ico (RIPT) we can all make a difference if we participate in trading it at the fair market value instead of using paper currency. It will soon be available worldwide!


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