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sorear and prattmic runtime: add the rest of the sys_linux_riscv wrappers
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The Go Programming Language

RISC-V Go Port

This repository is home of the RISC-V port of the Go programming language.

The upstream Go project can be found at

Quick Start


$ git clone riscv-go
$ cd riscv-go
$ git checkout riscvdev  # RISC-V work happens on this branch
$ export GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=/path/to/prebuilt/go/tree
$ export PATH="$(pwd)/misc/riscv:$(pwd)/bin:$PATH"
$ cd src
$ ./make.bash

Compile and run in qemu-riscv64 (which is expected to be in PATH):

$ GOARCH=riscv GOOS=linux go run ../riscvtest/add.go


$ GOARCH=riscv GOOS=linux go build ../riscvtest/add.go


Our basic tests are in the riscvtest directory:

$ cd ../riscvtest
$ go run run.go

If this exits without error, all is well!


Spike plus pk support only a small subset of Linux syscalls and will not be capable of supporting the full Go runtime.

The RISC-V QEMU port supports a much wider set of syscalls with its "User Mode Simulation". See Method 2 in the QEMU README for instructions.


All contributors must sign the upstream Contributor License Agreement, as this port will be merged into upstream Go upon completion.

Code review occurs via our GerritHub project, rather than via GitHub Pull Requests.

The upstream contribution guidelines include a basic overview of using Gerrit. While the upstream Go Gerrit server is different from ours, codereview.cfg will configure git-codereview to send CLs to GerritHub.