Monitoring plugins wich are Nagios/icinga compatible
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riskersen Update check_dwd.php
maintenance release to solve #43

 - follow redirects (up to 30)
 - adjusted regex to reflect DWD website changes
 - added possibility to choose between BASIC and NTLM proxy authentication method
Latest commit 9d48b9b Jun 7, 2018


Monitoring plugins and helper for Nagios/icinga/xxx


  • check_printer
  • addons for check_oracle_health from ConSol
  • check_usv_*
  • check_file_age.php
  • (only for Unix/Linux)
  • NetApp Check
  • check_mssql_jobs - Microsoft SQL Server
  • - Fortigate
  • check_dwd.php - Check "Deutschen Wetterdienst" for weather warning
  • check_sge.vbs - Check Safeguard Enterprise state via nsclient
  • check_sgn_licence.php - Check Safeguard Enterprise licence state
  • check_dns.ps1 - DNS Check for Windows Hosts, to be called via nsclient
  • check_proxy_kerb.ps1 - Proxy check with Kerberos authentication, to be called via nsclient (Requiring PowerShell 3.0+)


  • Nagios Email Repoter - Scheduled reporting mails
  • MySQL Backup - mysql backup with nsca support for local and remote hosts
  • SQLite Backup - sqlite backup with nsca support for local and remote hosts
  • SSH Firewall - protect SSH remote command execution by only allowing specific path