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A 2D WebGL game engine built with TypeScript. The goal of the project to enable the development of large, open multiplayer 2D worlds for in-browser gaming. Close attention has been paid to all performance aspects.

Update 2021: Project is not dead, just 'real world' getting in the way.

Play the demo here (read the instructions)

  • Fully designed around the Entity-Component-System archectural pattern
  • Custom WebGL renderer with special attention to:
    • Sprites
    • Particles
    • Tilemaps (Tiled format supported)
    • Lighting
  • Custom 2D physics engine
    • Optimized for large numbers of bodies
    • Hybrid ray/AABB collision scheme ensures correct contact point calculation and 0% chance of penetration
  • Desisgned to manage massive concurent game worlds with large numbers of entities
  • Steering behaviours
  • AI
    • Behaviour Tree
    • FSM's
  • and more!


The engine now features a fairly feature rich lighting system. There are point lights (circular or cone) that can be obstructed by the tile scene allowing shadows to be cast. There is also an ambient lighing system that is in development to create overall 'world' lighting that can be updated per frame (e.g. based on depth)

Tiled format support

To do

Install and run

  1. clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. npm run dev


  • Write force to buffer and apply there (for particles)