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Latest commit

* added path alias for playground

* extracted some components and updated their code

* installed @types/node in root

* playground fix path alias

* revert path alias

* extracted Selector component

* extracted ValidatorSelector component

* extracted SubthemeSelector component

* extracted RawValidatorTest component

* extracted Editor component

* moved playground to a separate component

* fixed index file extension

* convert samples to TS

* fixed an import

* revert removing widget export

* added sample types to Selector

* memoize playground components

* updated DemoFrame component

* renamed form state variable to showForm

* convert ErrorBoundary to TS

* DANGEROUSLY converted playground to TS

* removed prop-types npm package

* group imports

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* add types tp validation.ts

* pass props to Editors more explicitly

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* remove a comma and sort props of Editors

* add rjsf prop types to some components

* improved Playground initial mount effect

* cleanup some of unused deps

* add formData as dep for onFormDataEdited

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* improved types and callbacks

* moved Editors before Playground

* Update packages/playground/src/components/Playground.tsx

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* remove @ts-ignore in component exports

* improve DemoFrame callbacks

* imrpoved EditorsProps types

* added Editor callback deps

* removed an unwanted callback dep

* destructure props and state in ErrorBoundary

* added deps to a callback

* improved types of handleSetLiveSettings

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* improved types of liveSettingsSchema

* replace space span tags with plain string

* Rebase to main

* - Update linting and formatting to use Typescript
- Fixed up linting error and added back the missing `head` prop in DemoFrame that was breaking styling

* playground fix path alias

* revert path alias

* convert samples to TS

* revert removing widget export

* Update packages/playground/src/components/Playground.tsx

Co-authored-by: Heath C <>

* - Fixed a few more types

* - Updated the ``

* - Remove duplicate prog. reset button


Co-authored-by: Heath C <>
Co-authored-by: Heath Chiavettone <>

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A simple React component capable of using JSON Schema to declaratively build and customize web forms.
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