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Lancedarkly toggle view


Switching between VS Code, LaunchDarkly web app and other toggle integrations is inconvenient during development. Also, the LaunchDarkly app does not provide a view of toggle states (on|off) for all environments.


A VS Code extension to bring LaunchDarkly toggle management closer to your development environment and show all environment toggle states. Toggle on|off from VS Code.

Get started

  1. You will need a LaunchDarkly account.

  2. From LaunchDarkly you will need to generate an Access Token. You can find it under: Account Settings -> Access Tokens -> Your access tokens.

  3. Set the role to writer to update toggle state (Turn toggles on/off).

  4. Default Project key. It's all lowercase and highlighted in gray. You can find it under: Account Settings -> Projects -> Your projects

Update your setting in VS Code under LanceDarkly. See image below:

LanceDarkly Settings


  • ctrl+shift+p -> LanceDarkly: List all toggles Opens a new tab listing all toggles. Selecting a toggle shows you details about it.


  • List all toggles in a project with a total count
  • Dashboard to count and group toggles by age
  • Search for toggles by name, key and description
  • Sort toggles by created date
  • Quick overview of toggle details:
    • Title, created date, description, key and kind
    • Maintainer information
    • Variations: value and name
    • Environments: show on or off state
    • Show what variant is set for the selected toggle state
    • Show a count of rules and prerequisites each environment
  • Update toggle state on/off per environment
  • Open toggle in LaunchDarkly
  • Copy key to clipboard
  • Settings for defaultProject and accessToken
  • Display data from third parties using the LanceDarkly Plugin API

Toggle ON/OFF

Confirm with optional message to toggle feature ON.

Popup confirm toggle ON


Dashboard summary of toggles in the project.

Dashboard of toggles

Filter/search toggles

Search toggles by name, key or description.

Filter toggles by name


Extend the toggle details view with third party data.

Create a folder in your home directory called lancedarkly with a file called plugins.js: %user%/lancedarkly/plugins.js.

The plugin function is called when the LanceDarkly: List all toggles command is called.

Plugin API:

Only change the title and fields properties. Fields must be a 2D array.

The detailFields will pass through the toggle key.

Maximum of four fields and unlimited rows. First field has LanceDarkly label style applied.

Field widths: 20% 15% 15% 50%

// plugins.js

async function plugins() {
  const asyncData = await thirdPartyData(); // resolve data before turning API.
  return [
      detailFields(key) {
        return {
          title: "Title",
          fields: [
            ["Production", "key", "guid", "random"],
            ["Integration", "key", "guid", "random"]

exports.plugins = plugins;