node.js connection to SAP HANA using node-odbc.
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node.js library that is a thin wrapper around node-odbc to connect to


odbc backend

node-odbc will need a odbc driver to connect to HANA. I have used unixodbc so far. For using it make sure you setup a data source (DSN) that points to a HANA instance. Here is a description for how to setup an odbc connection on Ubuntu.

hana-odbc from npm

hana-odbc is on npm, to install it run

$ npm install hana-odbc

If a corporate firewall is bugging npm try

$ npm --proxy http://username:password@proxyservername:port --strict-ssl false install

Or: from github (alternative to npm install above)

To install from github do

$ git clone
$ cd node-hana-odbc
$ npm install


The test.js file shows how to connect to and query a database. It uses the SFLIGHT schema by default. To test if it works make sure your DB includes this schema and run

$ node test.js username password

server.js shows how you can provide a HTTP interface with a expressjs-like backend.

To just use the programatic interface require hana-interface.js ast it is done in test.js and server.js.



Returns an odbc session object for interacting with a HANA database.


  • dsn - Specifies the data source and access parameters.


var session = hanaInterface.getSession({dsn: "DSN=hana;UID=UserName;PWD=Password"});


Establishes a connection to a HANA DB.


  • callback - Called when the connection was established or when an error occurs. Called with one argument, an error object.


session.connect(function(err) {
    if (err) console.error('Could not connect!');
    else console.log('Connection established!');

session.query(schema, sqlStatement, callback)

Selects a schema, sends a query, and invokes callback with the query result. If no DB connection is established yet this method will also create a connection.


  • schema - String, the name of the schema
  • sqlStatement - String, the SQL to run
  • callback - Function that takes two arguments: error and result. result is a object matching {rows: rows, hasMoreResultSets: moreResultSets}. The property rows is an array representing the rows that are the query result. hasMoreResultSets is a Bool that signals whether there are more results. If true, callback will be called again with the remaining results.


    'SFLIGHT', "select * from SAPLANE",
    function(err, results) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(results, null, 2));
        if (!results.hasMoreResultSets)
            session.close(console.log.bind(console, 'done'));


Ends the connection to a HANA DB.


  • callback - Called when the connection was closed. Takes an error object as its single arguments that is non-null in case of a problem closing the connection.


session.close(function(err) {
    if (err) console.error('Could not close!');
    else console.log('Closed!');


MIT License