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Julia plugin for asdf version manager


asdf plugin-add julia


Check asdf readme for instructions on how to install & manage versions of Julia.

A few notes:

The list-all script uses python to import and parse the list of releases from github. If this causes problems for anyone, please let me know. I am making the assumption that python is installed on everyone's machine.

Also, any pre-release or rc versions of julia are excluded as these didn't seem to be uploaded to their Amazon S3 bucket.

On Linux: There is an option to install the desktop entry at the end of the install process, choose 'y' if you want to do this or 'n' if you do not.

On OSX: The script pulls down the app package from the Julia website, but does not install as a native app. Instead, it copies the julia directory from the Resources folder inside the app package, thus providing the binary to asdf.

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