R-Ladies Barcelona - Slides for the short intro tutorial to RMarkdown https://www.meetup.com/rladies-barcelona/events/236372088/
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RMarkdown tutorial

This repository contains the material for the R-Ladies Barcelona introduction tutorial about RMarkdown.

The slides .Rmd is here, the html rendered version is here. The slides are also alvailable via RPubs. Most of the tutorial will be live coding though so the slides are not too useful on their own.

We will learn RMarkdown by creating a report together where we'll test some options and possibilities, like the report here.

If we have time we will look at another output format based on the same principles, see the slides here.

Further resources

  • The RStudio RMarkdown website with useful articles, a gallery, etc.

  • For some resources more tailored at using RMarkdown in academia, see this repo

  • For working directory pain we quickly mentioned the awesome ezknitr package for choosing where the output of your RMarkdown file should be.

  • For tables an attendee said the stargazer package is great.

  • I remember a question about Pandoc I couldn't quite answer... For more info "behind the knit button", Yihui Xie's slides from the RStudio conference are great. There should soon be a video recording as well.