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Welcome to the starter-kit wiki!

The R-Ladies is a fast-growing community and there is probably an active group in your area, have a look at the list of current chapters. If an R-Ladies group already exists in your city, feel free to get in touch with the organisers. If not, follow the instructions below to set up a brand new R-Ladies chapter in your area.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Check current chapters.
  2. Wish to join the R-Ladies community of organisers? Check our tech infrastructure for chapters
  3. Here are a few suggestions to organise events
  4. Make sure you read and comply with our code of conduct.
  5. Have a look at our centralised resources and check how you can contribute to R-Ladies repositories
  6. Claiming expenses
  7. Retiring a chapter
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Rules and Guidelines

Please, take a look at the global Rules and Guidelines document and the Social Media Guidelines document

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