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Minimal and Clean Reinforcement Learning Examples
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Minimal and clean examples of reinforcement learning algorithms presented by RLCode team. [한국어]

Maintainers - Woongwon, Youngmoo, Hyeokreal, Uiryeong, Keon

From the basics to deep reinforcement learning, this repo provides easy-to-read code examples. One file for each algorithm. Please feel free to create a Pull Request, or open an issue!


  1. Python 3.5
  2. Tensorflow 1.0.0
  3. Keras
  4. numpy
  5. pandas
  6. matplot
  7. pillow
  8. Skimage
  9. h5py

Install Requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Table of Contents

Grid World - Mastering the basics of reinforcement learning in the simplified world called "Grid World"

CartPole - Applying deep reinforcement learning on basic Cartpole game.

Atari - Mastering Atari games with Deep Reinforcement Learning

OpenAI GYM - [WIP]

  • Mountain Car - DQN
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