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A simple file-based database engine.

This repository contains the Python implementation of breezedb. Documentation is available from source or online

This code is written for Python 2.7

Licensed under GPLv2

Main features

  • breezedb aims to be a simple way of storing data in files, avoiding the need for a database server to be installed and running in the machine.
  • Stores data in a single file
  • It is meant to store small amounts of data.
  • All operations are done on the local file system.
  • There is no need to redistribute a database with your application, as it can be created on the go.
  • JSON structure for organizing the data.


You can install the library from source by running:

python install

with the required permissions. You can also install it from PyPI by running:

pip install breezedb

For more information, including structures and organization, please visit the documentation.